About me

I am Samuel M.H. and I was born with something that Dilbert called "The Knack". Just that in my case the curiosity extends to almost everything I can reach.

You can expect me to be some sort of nerd engineer with a Master's degree and to have a job in the I.T. industry, but I'm also a sportsman who enjoys travelling, arts, and meeting new people.


  • Software Engineering (design patterns, working methodologies, project management).
  • Computer Science (programming paradigms, complexity, algorithms).
  • Data Science (databases, big data, machine learning, statistics, NLP)
  • Web development (full stack).
  • Python programming.
  • The IoT (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, NodeMCU).
  • Security.
  • Calisthenics.
  • Roller skating (hockey, freeskate).
  • Tuishou (Taichi Chuan pushing hands).
  • Treking and MTB.
  • Dancing (Breakdancing B-Boying, roller-disco).
  • Literature, you know, "a mind needs books like a ..."

Professional career

Everything started with my internship while I was in the last year of my degree at the U.A.H.. A proof of concept was required and several technologies had to be mixed up to get a working prototype (Microsoft Information Cards + WS + PHP + C + Perl + Radius + PEAP + OMG!), a huge effort that resulted in my ending degree project and proved myself I can quickly adapt to whatever technology is needed.

In my first job I codesigned a QR-based authentication system based on asymmetric cryptography and developed the web part. I also was in charge of the company network since I cabled the office and set up the production servers. I also gained experience designing architectures building systems for the IoT.

Then I moved to other company where I evolved as a web developer working with Django and JQuery (also started this web). A year later I was asked to integrate an advertising system into the webpage of one of the most important Spanish newspaper. I had just discovered recommendation systems and data mining, I needed more of that magic.

So I came back to the U.A.H. as a researcher and spent 3 months modelling urban traffic with SUMO and designing a web solution to deal with big data. I felt my greed for knowledge was not satisfied, I needed to know what machine learning and big data were. It was time to go formal, therefore I searched and found a course that suited my needs.

For the next year I enrolled in the U.A.M. where got my Master's Degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, Research and Innovation, Information and Communications Technologies (i2-ICT). I chose the cognitive intelligence itinerary, mixing subjects like:

My thesis focused on automatic means to generate taxonomies, with a huge section about the state of the art.

After the university, I took a small break and completed some interesting online courses related to the newests trends (MongoDB and Spark) in the industry as well as others more theoretical.

And one day I landed in my current job, where I work with microservices, geocodification, ElasticSearch, AngularJS and other funny tools to help companies to optimize their efforts based on geographical data.

As a curious mind, I've never been scared of new challenges. This has led me to be a generalist, an extremely versatile guy. My speciality is to learn new things; the more different they are to what I know, the better. Some of my off-work skills range from building a 555-based sound distortion circuit, to change the bearings of a washing machine; from handling a rotary plow, to bulding a NPW5 kite. There are too many cool things to be done!